Volunteer Week 1. -7. June 2020

And Ray of Sunshine for a Child has been a volunteer organization since 2015. One of the projects is counseling.

We provide counseling to families in the most difficult situations. we are most often approached by parents in the most difficult life situations. Our counseling is free for Slovak and Czech families .

Another project is Klobúčik. Klobúčik – School through play where our teachers and assistants volunteer to teach children the Slovak language through play, reading fairy tales. They will end the lesson with a cheerful song. Klobúčik- Let’s talk stories in our native language together over coffee and tea. We keep our traditions like Christmas, Easter, painted egg, Santa Claus or carnival. Together with our food and music and a good mood, we will make life in Great Britain our town of Taunton more pleasant. Klobúčik – Knižnica Sova connects us with our native language. Everyone has the opportunity to borrow books from our authors. The library has books for children, teenagers and adults. You will also find encyclopedias through fairy tales, novels, detective stories, professional books and poems. Thanks to the volunteers, the order is fine and the library works.

Networking of which we are a part. We organize the event Chard Together, we co-organize Taunton together, Brighwater togethet, Somerset togrther. We build on the cooperation and experience of other communities.

Helping, educating and maintaining traditions is our goal. Thanks to our volunteers, our work is easier and happier.

Autor : Dagmar