The new CIPC Director was named Mgr. Edit Pfundtner

Our organization A Ray of Sunshine for a Child specializes in the international issues of minors. We deal with return proceedings to the biological family, where children or relatives were taken illegally. Our mission is to protect and help the vulnerable persons.

For years, we tried to work with CIPCom in solving minor children, but it was not possible at all. Our cooperation was thwarted by the former director, making it impossible for many minor children to return to their country of origin. I believe that it is only the past…

A Ray of Sunshine for a Child – Dagmar Dureckova (director) and
CIPC – Mgr. Edit Pfundtner (director)

On behalf of our organization A Ray of Sunshine for a Child and a sister company operating in Slovakia, Lúč pre Dieťa, the chairwoman Dagmar Dureckova wished the new director Edit Pfundtner much success in her new position. At the same time, she asked her for the opportunity to help minor children and parents together, mainly from the country of Great Britain, where A Ray of Sunshine for A Child is based. At the same time, she informed how it works from practice.

In the left: Dagmar Ďurečková -Lúč pre Dieťa(predseda), A ray of Sunshine for a Child (director), in the middle: Mgr. Edita Pfundtner-CIPC (director), in the right: Janka Ladicka – Help for Children – Children’s Rights (chairwoman)

The meeting was attended also by the chairwoman Janka Ladicka from the organization Help for Children – Children’s Rights, which informed about the issue in Norway. We believe that this change will bring many happy returns of children home, to our country, to SLOVAKIA.

Author: Alica