How it should work properly

By court decision or written agreement, the child is handed over to the other parent. The place of delivery and time is determined.
After the meeting, the other parent takes the child. It is important to know the health of the child. The meeting should run in a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

The parent, after taking over with the child, spends the time to discuss, visit places suitable for the child. The responsible parent prepares the program for the whole time. It is necessary to adapt them to the age of the child. Fun center, cinema, walk to the park, zoo, swimming pool, home to yourself … It is a defined time for a parent with a child. During this encounter, remember that the baby is hungry and thirsty. You are responsible for the child on all sites.

Dressing is best when a child is replaced by a second parent to ensure that there are no unnecessary problems.

For the transfer of the child back, the exact place and time is also specified. Anything can happen, everything needs to be announced in advance, delay, agree on the time shift. Always in written form and with the consent of the other parent. The parents should be present when the child is handed over and returned. It is not appropriate for your partners to join this meeting. In most cases, they only exaggerate unnecessarily, even the difficult situation for children.

Every parent must realize that a child is your gift, not a tool for your spores. So always try to deal with them appropriately and amicably. If you have unresolved things, resolve them out of your children.

Author: Dagmar Dureckova