A Ray of Sunshine for a Child again took part as co-organizer of the special day Taunton together 14. 9. 2019

We were pleased to present our organization A Ray of Sunshine for a Child. We introduced our activities and projects to other communities, organizations and the public. Especially our beautiful Slovakia.

Many thanks to the assistants in the Klobúčik project. Our assistant Svetlana Martinek made us uniforms. Our children wear them very much and are therefore unique. We were real sunshine throughout the meeting.

Mrs. assistant Jarka Nosáľová participated in the activities of children. All children recognized our Mole. They created their own mole drawings using stamps or coloring book. All the children enjoyed it and took their works with them.

Our favorite food goulash tasted to everyone. We didn’t forget about vegetarians and vegans, so we prepared vegetable soup with mushrooms. It was a great success.

In the end we danced.

We’ve met a lot of new communities from around the world. There are more than 35 in our town. It is necessary to connect and help each other.

We look forward to next year Taunton together 2020.

Author: Dagmar