2nd Year – Multicultural Day in Taunton

We were honored to participate again in organizing a spectacular 15.09.2018 in Taunton Togheder.

We started with the preparation in January. Every other meeting was joined by other centers.
We were able to combine 25 centers of different nationalities. For us, living in another country, it is important to help each other, to work together and to share experiences.

I really appreciate Beccy Jesson for being able to organize and direct us all until the last moment. We all accomplished the tasks and opened a special day together.
We presented with dance, music, song. short films. We also took samples of ceramics. Most of us have dressed their clothes out of their country. For the eyes it was an experience to see such beautiful costumes, dresses and accessories.

The day was long and we were all starved, each community prepared traditional food. The tasting was successful and we all tasted the meals of another country.
For our country we have prepared a real hunting ball, a mushroom soup under the direction of the chief boss of Rudolf Nog. We have to admit, all tasters tasted. Even individuals who requested a duplicate were even found.

Our country Slovak Republic presented Iveta Szabova, Kamil Trstansky at the table and answered the questions. With Mr. Rudolf Nog, everyone wanted to take pictures. His traditional hunter’s clothing, which also attracts every visitor. Representatives of A Ray of Sunshine for a Child – Jar of Child Jaroslav Durecko, Dagmar Dureckova, Iveta Szabova are good colleagues and they are doing great work in volunteering.

We are looking forward to the next third Taunton Togheder 14.09.2019

Autor: Dagmar