Sun Day 2021 – 2nd year

You surprised us for in this our international celebration of Sun Day, which is taking place for the 2nd year. The suns gradually came to us by email.

Yes, dear children, teachers, educators and parents, and everyone involved, we received 365 files, of which 356 pictures can be found on the posters in this gallery…. you were very actively involved in this challenge. And as for the number of submitted works, the Elementary School ZEMIANSKE SADY clearly leads, from where we received 69 suns… It is a complete galaxy of suns and brilliant work …

We have incorporated songs and video from SLÁVIČEK into the video, which is located on our website. For the entire team of A Ray of Sunshine for a Child, the “DAY OF THE SUN” organization team flies a big “THANK YOU” to you all

We look forward to celebrating 3rd year of the Sun Day.

Thank all participants to make that day beautiful 🙂 Thank you very much …

Autor : Dagmar

also thank the PEDALIKSTUDIO to make all graphic and video editing jobs to make those suns to be seen 🙂