Presentation: Protection of the biological family from the perspective of international human rights standards

R. Dobrovodský, M. Pirošíková, R. Kiska, D. a J. Durecko

The ceremonial conference commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child also participated by the Slovak representative before the ECtHR JUDr. Marica Pirošíková.

Among Slovak and foreign speakers JUDr. Marica Pirošiková emphasized the protection of the biological family and the extended family.

From the presentation:

Slide 6 In general, the best interest of the child on the one hand determines that the child’s ties with his / her family must be maintained, except where the family has proved particularly inappropriate, as breaking these ties means cutting the child from its roots. This implies that family bonds can only be interrupted in very exceptional circumstances and that every effort must be made to preserve personal relationships and, where appropriate, to ‘rebuild’ the family (see Gnahoré, paragraph 59 above). ). On the other hand, it is also clearly in the interests of the child to ensure that he or she develops in a healthy environment and that the parent of the child cannot be authorized under Article 8 to take measures that would harm his or her health and development.

A company of friends from orphanages “A Smile as a Gift” and the Association of Family Judges awarded “extraordinary bravery, compassion and humanitarian commitment to the rights of children not to be separated from their parents” acording the Article 9 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Among the awarded were also JUDr. Marica Pirošiková whom we congratulate and wish a lot of strength in next work.

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Author: Dagmar