Our organization A Ray of Sunshine for a Child has become a co-organizer of an exceptional afternoon. In the part of Somerset it was the first common afternoon of 13 nationalities.

  • Mayor of Taunton, Hazel Prior-Sankey, opened a special meeting Taunton TOGETHER. His attitude was a model for us to network and help each other.
  • The friend from India cooked tasty traditional tea. We also tried the turban as well. We all got involved to dancing on indian music with Indian teacher.
  • The program was rich, everything went according to plan. The bands alternated on stage. We saw traditional dances. Inna played the piano. Finally, the Polish duo Patrycia and Andzej Polis Association made appearance. Their temperament got us into the right atmosphere, no one could stay seated.

Many different activities have been prepared for the children. They had the opportunity to show art in drawing, naming different things. When the Polish fairy came, the baby karaoke show began. You didn’t have time to get bored because they were constantly active

After a good time, hunger came and we offered goulash, Polish bigos, Portuguese bacalhau, British fish and chips our guests.

The exhibition was a supplement to the demonstration of what our birthplace (our country) means to us. Hand made items of Modran ceramics, wooden cutlery, table setting, tablecloths over 50 years old, which is rarity.

We were surprised to participate in more than 120 people. It’s a nice number, but we believe there will be more of us the next time. The BBC TV was watching us all the time.

Short movie:

We look forward to next year to meet more of us.

Author : Dagmar