Meeting Paed Dr. and Mgr. Renata Ocilkova and Dagmar Dureckova

Mrs. Renata 0cilkova is a member of the Conference of Bishops of Slovakia, the Association of Catholic Schools of Slovakia and the Christian Democratic Movement, and Dagmar Dureckova is the chairwoman of Lúč pre Dieťa.

Despite their busy schedule, they have found the time to meet. Our topic was about the children and human rights. We are united by one case of illegally removed children in the United Kingdom. Such cases should never become a reality. The competent person must always take into account the facts, violence, neglect of the child and only after those evidences the child can be taken. Here the opposite happened. Despite everything, there are many children with loving parents and the whole family.

I look forward to an early meeting and deepening of our cooperation to help those are vulnerable and in a difficult life situation.

Author: Alica