Meeting in the Parliament of the Slovak Republic

There are many different discussions going on in the parliament. My subject is children. An extremely important topic related to divorce and separation is conflicting guardians.

We discussed and gave suggestions on this topic. The tutor and social workers need support. They are low rated and have a large number of clients. In the case of a judicial process, where it is necessary for the guardian to represent a minor child, there must be sufficient space for examining and hearing the parents. He should work systematically with the child. The guardian in court is supposed to represent the child and speak for the child. First of all, he should take into account the needs of the child. And consider what is in the best interest of the child.

I am a supporter that a child should have one home and one stable bed. Therefore, alternating care is suitable only in such a form that the child lives in the same apartment unit and the parents take turns with him. After a divorce, the child suffers the most. That is why it is important that the child has his own environment, his own space, his own safety. Adults know how to deal with the situation.

The meeting with JUDr Robert Dobrovocký is a great benefit for me personally and for our organization Luč pre Dieťa as well. During the meeting, he brought a lot of useful information and at the same time enriched everyone with his professional knowledge.

Author: Dagmar