Meeting at the Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic

In Bratislava, on November 32, 2022, Dagmar Szabó, chairwoman of A Ray of Sunshine for a Child, met with Iveta Galbava, adviser to the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic.

The meeting took place in a friendly conversation, during which I informed about the activities of our organization A Ray of Sunshine for a Child. At the same time, I explained how many cases passed through our organization. And in which countries are unauthorized removals of children taking place. At the same time, I informed about the differences in life between the Slovak Republic and abroad. I pointed out that the removal of children may take place “at a possible risk”. This happened in some cases even during vacation!

During the interview, I pointed out the mother’s abusers, who limited them to contact their relatives. These women live under control without the ability to move freely. They don’t have the financial resources and are also unable to search and ask any help. They live in bad conditions and in isolation. It happens that relatives stop being interested in these mothers because they think they have lost interest. So many time it is very difficult to contact these mothers when they even have not a telephone or internet available.

It is important to open this topic and try to help. None of us deserve to live in inhumane conditions and be restricted.

Author: Dagmar