How the Czech mother saved her son

We bring you a story that has become in the UK

I am a Czech and for 3 years I have a friend, who was born in Turkey, and he has lived in the UK for 17 years.

In January 2016 our son was born. He was born in the Czech Republic and he has my surname, nationality and permanent residence in the Czech Republic. In March 2016 I returned to my partner in Great Britain with my son, but we were having a great deal of trouble. The partner started using drugs and marijuana and I was strictly opposed. The quarrels have increased and in June he has come back home again under the influence of drugs. I tried to solve the problem and get him out of the house, all that helped resolve the called police, who then contacted the social service.

They first examined the health records of our doctors as to whether we had problems with the use of narcotics before. We went to consultations, the partner promised to stop using drugs, but unfortunately he did not. He had to be removed from the taxi license, conditional on negative drug tests.

At that time, I was already in touch with a partner ex-wife who warned me that my partner had problems earlier.

The situation has evolved by stop to using drug by the partner, but he started to drink alcohol. Since the birth of my son I have been allergic to alcohol and cigarette smoke and I hate it, I did not want my son to be in such an environment. In June 2016 I went back to the Czech Republic and returned to Great Britain until the end of September.

I came back to a social worker and she came to us in a few days. She knew we had disagreements about the drinking of the partner. I told her about everything because I wanted him to force him to open his eyes. He did not come home drunk, but I felt cigarettes and beer every day, and it made me sick because the whole apartment smelled like a pub. About a week later, the social worker came to the conclusion that the case is closed and the partner can not come home when he gets drunk. He must stay with his friends and come home when he is sober. If anything happens, I have to report everything to the social worker.

On the same day I had to meet a friend in town, on the way I met two partner friends. One of them my partner does not like. He is jealous of him for no reason. For a while, I stopped with them, my friends looked at my son and asked me how we are and then I continued on the way to the meeting.

After a meeting with my friend, my husband asked me about the confrontation with my friends, I did not mind him. He came home about half an hour after me, and the scene was followed by a scene in which he accused me of having a meeting with friends. I did not understand why he solved such stupidity when I noticed he was drunk. So I tried to get him out of the apartment because he signed the deal today but refused to leave. Because I wanted to leave alone, he took the phone and called his friends. I knew he was talking about me and my son, and I started to worry about what would happen.

I left to feed my son before bedtime and heard that someone had come. They were a friends of my husband. The partner started shouting at me, and I told his friends to take him away immediately or call the police. I went back to the room and suddenly my partner came to me because he was supposed to say something to me. He grabbed my hair, his other hand behind his mouth and he blamed me for I had degraded him in front of his friends. When I started screaming, my friends immediately tore him away from me and took him away.

Coincidentally, I was just getting a sms from a partner’s ex-wife asking us how we are. I was shocked and I wrote to her about what happened. She admitted that they had been doing something like that before, and that I should call the police. It was quiet at night, so I wrote a social worker in the morning if I could stop behind her because I needed to get information about options if I can not live with my partner anymore. We agreed to the next week. Half an hour after our conversation, she called me again that a report on domestic violence on me was reported.

I knew that only a partner’s ex-wife had to report it. She apologized me later that she feared to something worse would happen.

On the next day, the lead social worker came to visit with a warning that my partner would not come close to us, and if that happened, I must immediately call the police, otherwise we will have to go to court. He asked me if I wanted to deal it by court, which I disagreed with. He himself said that he would not want to, because I and the son are a very nice family, but that’s a big risk and he has to protect my son. So I have to convince him that I have been cooperating together like before and that it is coming to me to visit a social worker who also has small children on the weekend and can also help me financially. Social service is supposed to help me with 3-6 months.

On Sunday morning, the police awoke to me. I had to tell them everything that had happened, and then went to the partner whom they had interrogated and held for 12 hours.

It was Monday, Tuesday, and no one ever contacted me, nor did I care if we were okay.

Just partner tried to contact me through the internet.

He informed me that he had telephoned a leading social worker who was here before weekend because he had not seen his son for four days. He has received information that he can not approach us, contact us at all, and that he will have to go cured from alcohol addiction and doctors for the tests. He explained to the manager that he can not pay rent at the same time for a flat wher he is living and for the apartment where I and my son live, and whether they could help me find emergency housing. A social worker, however, said it was not that simple, I had to contact the owner of the house myself and also asked for a social housing allowance. The cost of the rent and other services would be too high for me, even if I had a child allowance and a housing allowance. The partner tried to explain the problem. The social worker, however, conceded that it was not his problem.

I was afraid they were pushing us down so indirectly to have a chance to take our son.

The son means everything to me. The partner never behaved badly to his son, and he eventually proposed to take our child to the Czech Republic and thus protect him.

Author: Mamina and Dagmar Dureckova