Halcon One Diversity Group – Friendly meeting in Tauton

The meeting took place on August 5, 2017 at the Moorland Place Community Hall. In a very pleasant atmosphere, we have provided a new information.

Halcon One Diversity Group takes place every Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00 in Moorland Place Community Hall, TA1 2DF.

We have become part of these meetings. You can get expert advice from a cop or counselor on housing benefits. Information on the issue of child abuse, on the work of social services. You can get professional help during a meeting by writing a CV, consulting in the area of professional qualifications, assisting with finding a job, helping with obtaining relevant professional qualifications.

We are planning another meeting on October 7, 2017, which we will prepare together with the Polish minority living in our region. We hope to meet in more and with interesting topics. We provide Czech-Slovak music, which we occasionally revive by Polish music. Everyone is welcome with a good mood, experience and especially the desire to share good and bad experiences.

There was more of us and this suggests that despite the holidays in the south of the UK, we are enough.

I look forward to seeing you and everyone else coming along

Author: Dagmar Dureckova