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Light up a beam of sunshine to help parents and children in need by your contribution.

A Ray of Sunshine for a Child is the only organization in the UK that specializes in family issues at international level. Our clients are in a very difficult situation. In most cases these are long trials in the UK during breakup and divorce.

Many children are removing because of the ignorance of the social system in Great Britain and the language barrier of their parents. There are also cases where there were misunderstandings between parents and the social worker. In these cases we explain the differences of the social system among the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Great Britain.

The largest group of our clients are mothers with children who have been abused for a long time. This abusing can be physical, psychological or economic. We help to the weaker and vulnerable in their the most difficult situations. Our clients are many times in a poor financial situation and we do everything what is possible to help them in their needs.

Your financial support will help us to help those who need it the most.

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Author: Andrea