Conference – The Cruel Charge of Child Sexual Abuse During Divorce

As part of his training, A Ray of Sunshine for Child attended a professional conference. The conference was organized by Mr. Tomáš Zdechovský with highly qualified experts.

During the divorce, the children are quite punished. Well, when one of the parents starts a dishonest fight through the criminal charges of child sexual abuse, the crime begins here.

The accused parent, not always the father, suffers from the accusation. The whole public will start to be stolen by the public.
At first, family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, co-workers. Only the most faithful, who believe in innocence, will remain. Such a parent will lose his job and background. He gets into a bad psychic state. There is a tough and relentless struggle to prove innocence. Every such accused is arrested. Investigation begins. They take everything from the house where there may be traces. In many cases, the investigation takes a long time. Therefore, the court will cancel contacts, the parent does not have the opportunity to clarify even with their own children what is happening. There is theft.

Children in these cases suffer the most. I don’t understand anything, because the parent doesn’t want anything wrong with them. In the belief, listening to parents deceiving police interrogations, social workers.
They get between two mill wheels. They listen to one another, they must consciously remove them inside. Can the child of his parent just rub out of it? Neither child can do it.
These children are punished forever. After some time they start to close. They suffer from emotional mental trauma, psychological disturbances, and no relationships between adults.

This deliberate crime must be punished, all the speakers agreed

Everyone should realize: A Child is a gift, not commodity !

Autor : Dagmar