Managing communication after a divorce or breakup is difficult. Parents should communicate exclusively in written form via email, sms.

Responsible parents need to understand and distinguish what communication is about children and their personal communication. Parental responsibility and parental rights must be respected despite bad communication between themselves.

Parental responsibility is to care for the child and provide the child’s needs. Diet, dressing, education, well-spent leisure time within the possibilities. Provide health care.

Parental rights include contact with a child even after divorce, divorce. Information on the health of the child. Here it is necessary to inform in writing what exactly the child is, what disease, exact diagnosis. In the event of an accident where this happened and under what circumstances a child is present, a medical report, suggestion of treatment and length of treatment. Both parents have the right to talk to a doctor and consult about the treatment.

Foods in the UK are provided by the organizations created here. This organization will investigate your financial situation and, based on that finding, will measure the amount of the maintenance obligation. It is your duty to do it in full. In case of delay, this office will ask you to fulfill your commitment. A parent who pays alimony has no obligation to pay anything else. He can provide handcuffs during contact, as long as he or she sees fit as a reward.

The parent who has the child in education should consider what rings, the camps will choose. The rings are really supposed to attend children as they like. The rings do not replace childcare in the evening hours instead of the parents. Camp during the holidays should be one, which is almost 2 weeks. The holidays are for the common survival of the family in peace and without obligation. Types of parent also have the right to your baby for 2-3 weeks, which is important for fixed ties.

There are many parents who can not communicate with each other. In that case, you have more options. To try in writing, in the case of inappropriate communication, the other parent humiliates, attacks, attacks and always writes about something other than substance, children. Find an intermediary – a lawyer, a mediator, or an organization who will be in the place to communicate with you.

Mom, father, you are your parents and nobody in the world will change … .. your children suffer a lot of the two of you and so try to suffer as little as possible. Children do not deserve it, they are your future, your joy.

The child is the most precious gift.

Author: Dagmar Dureckova