Are you abused?

During the pandemic, aggression and abuse in families increased. Abuse can be psychological, physical and economic. Mothers are most at risk, but children suffer the most.

In the case of abuse, children are part of the tension and suffer even more than the victim. You can’t blame yourself due to the condition you are a victim. We recommend that you seek help as soon as possible. Domestic violence will escalate. The victim has the opportunity to contact the police. The victim will provide protection in the form of a ban on the aggressor. The aggressor cannot approaching you for a limited period of time. Depending on the severity, the restriction can be extended indefinitely, i.e. forever. The second option is to visit a doctor who assess the steps to protect you. It happens that the victim cannot contact the police, as the aggressor has everything under control. Movement, phone on all friends and acquaintances. You can visit a doctor at any time with the option of anything. During the visit, explain to the doctor what you are experiencing, your situation in which you are. The doctor will inform the police and they will know how to help you.

In domestic violence, you endanger your own children. In this case, the victim should protect himself and also the children. It is important to realize that in such a case, the victim becomes an accomplice in the abuse of their own children. If the child protection authorities find out, they will take your children away at that moment. It is the only solution for child protection.

In this case, court proceedings are initiated and the children are placed temporarily in foster care. Depending on the gravity of the case, the court proceedings continue. According to the court’s decision, children can be placed in foster care for a long time. This process can take from 6 months to several long years.

In many cases, after seeking help from the victim, the aggressor receives a court decision prohibiting the approach. Here the children remain in the upbringing of the victims. We know from practice that the aggressor, through his family and friends, convinces that he is already OK and will not hurt anyone. The victim comes under pressure. The aggressor under the pretext of taking away his personal belongings by persuasion and begging the victim to break. The aggressor approaches, at that moment the children are at risk again. The victim does not comply with the court order and does not protect the children.

Judicial decisions abroad are checked to ensure that they are complied with. We know from practice that in the event of a violation of the prohibition on approaching where children are at risk, in such a case they take children into alternative foster care. Returning to a parent is then difficult and time consuming. In many cases, children will not return because you are dangerous to your own children, you have exposed the children to risk.

Author: Dagmar