Appointment in Brussel with EU Parlamentarian Tomas Zdechovsky

Foto: EU Parlamentarian Tomas Zdechovsky
MD Dagmar Dureckova, A Ray of Sunshine for a Child

The organization A Ray of Sunshine for a Child has been working in the UK for years. Gradually, we deepen cooperation with people with the right heart in the right place.

Mr Tomas Zdechovsky I personally know from 16.01.2018. We met in Prague on children’s march of Mrs Eva Michalakova (granddaughter of Janka Ladeckej).
I have addressed several parlamentarians of the Slovak and Polish republic. Only one of them respond to my request for a meeting, namely EU parlamentarian Tomas Zdechovsky.

During a friendly appointment, we discussed many questions about the children of Czechs and Slovaks living abroad. The most we have been dedicated to children of parents living in Great Britain.
Given the relatively high number of cases, in court proceedings, EU Parlamentarian Tomas Zdechovsky informed me and learned everything from the EU Parliament’s position.

The most important question on my part was:
Great Britain is in the Brexit process and it is slowly ending. Upon completion, new laws will apply and new agreements will emerge.
I have not read anywhere what happens to children who are in court or are in foster families.

We will wait for this answer as it is in the solution.

Author: Dagmar Dureckova