A Ray of Sunshine for a Child cooperate with Emil´s cars.

Helping children is our priority. The project helps with clothes and toys for children who need it.

First and foremost, we provide to help to children within the UK who get into a difficult life situation with their parents. Families with children after returning to Slovakia are not always supported by their loved ones. In such cases, we send packages to Slovakia. Even these children have birthdays, Christmas holidays. So we give a chance to useless things and make others happy.

Our advice and help is for free. That is why we welcomed Emil’s service for their help. We recommend it. This company is reliable and communicates very well. They always have honey and other goodies.

Big thank you from A Ray of Sunshine for a Child and the beam for the Child for helping by Emil’s Cars.

Emilovy káry: www.facebook.com/Emilovykary/

Author: Dagmar