A Ray of Sunshine for a Child – Klobúčik has organized for us – International Women’s Day

We are commemorating this holiday thanks to the New York women who have won us the right to vote, eight hours of work and improved pay. In 1908, for the first time, women stood up for their rights.

A woman becomes a mother and that is the heat of a family circle.

This day, we created paper flowers for women. Entertainment continued with singing and great fun.

In the framework of the MDŽ celebrations we also had a small celebrity Ninka 5 years and Filipko 3 years. We screamed the cake and our hats got whistles and so they booed us with pleasure.

We revived the meeting with a table basketball competition. Every small and big competed. Our little ones did better than the big ones. We will continue on for the future.

We ended the great entertainment with a slogan: We look forward to the future.

Autorka : Dagmar