A Ray of Sunshine for a Child is part of the Halcon One Team Diversity

Halcon One Team Diversity invites you to a group meeting every Thursday from 6 pm to 8 pm Moorland Place Community Hall, TA1 2DF. Dee Bradley TDBC – Contributor and Housing Advisor is present every 1 st of Thursday of the month.
Every Thursday of the month, Martin Clyton Inspire will be present. During the meeting, you can get advice and professional help writing CVs, professional qualifications, job search assistance, and help in obtaining relevant professional qualifications. 

Steve Clarke of TDBC Housing Advisor will be present in the following days:
Thursday: October 26th

Dee Bradley TDBC – October 5, December 26 and 14

Every Thursday, local police deputy Iwona Kot and Paul K Johnson are present
Every Thursday Dagmar Dureckova will provide advice on the issue of families with children.

At meetings, there is a great opportunity to meet other fellow citizens and to use English lessons.

For more information, please contact:

Iwona Kot Police Halcon One Team – 07889659343

Paul K Johnson Halcon Police Team oraz Link Power – 0183 254434

Steve Clarke TDBC – 01823 356327

Dagmar Dureckova A Ray of Sunshine for a Child – 07889917368

Autorka: Dagmar