A RAY OF SUNSHINE FOR A CHILD friendly meeting in Tauton

It took place 28.05.2017 on the basis of a friendly sitting in a very pleasant atmosphere. We exchanged information. We’ve been here for over 10 years. Someone at a time, another with a break. Most work in the same company all the time. Others tried the shift and did not regret it. The Brexit rules are changing and so there is a lot to talk about and exchange experiences. We have mastered the introduction and so we will continue to do so.

We agreed on the next meeting, which will be 05.08.2017 which we will prepare together. We hope to meet in more and more interesting topics. We provide Czech-Slovak music, which we occasionally revive with Polish music. Everyone is welcome with a good mood, experience and especially to share good and bad experiences.

I firmly believe that even here in the south, there is enough of us to make it happen, so we can invite us to come from other parts of the UK.

We look forward to preparing for the next meeting.

Autorka: Dagmar Dureckova