A Ray of Sunshine for a Child attended a gala conference commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child the Ministry of Justice together with the Association of friends of children from children´s homes (Spoločnosť priateľov detí z detských domovov Úsmev ako dar) and the Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic held the conference at the Institute of Education of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic in Omšenie. The Minister of Justice Gábor Gál assumed patronage of the conference.   

The Conference was very important for all involved. Our organization A Ray of Sunshine for a Child was represented by the chairman Dagmar Durecková, assistant Bc. Andrea Sopuskova, secretary Ing. Jaroslav Durecko.

Among the participants were also foreign participants. Czech Senator Jitka Chalánková focuses on social affairs, family policy and care for vulnerable children. And in March 2014 for the first time in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic she presented an interpellation, highlighting the practices of the Norwegian social service Barnevern. Since then, this problem has been a priority for Senator Chalánková.

From the United Kingdom, Helen Newman, she encountered the inequality experienced by foreigners by some organizations operating under the English legal system. In this legal system, ethnicity, culture and nationality are often misunderstood and often ignored.

Marie-Claire Sparrow is the winner of the Legion d ‘Honneur Award. Marie-Claire appeared heroically in several cases before the English Court of Appeal. In the case where she was asked to represent pro bono Slovak parents, she experienced inconveniences and attacks by the Judge-Rapporteur for allowing her to appeal.

In several cases, Roger Kiska appeared before the ECtHR when children were unfairly separated from their families against France, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway and Sweden. He currently represents families in two cases: Bodnary v. Norway and Williams v. United Kingdom.

Ruby Harrold-Claesson has been invited to several European countries, New Zealand and Jamaica, to provide specific information and warn against being inspired by Scandinavian politics. She won three cases in the ECtHR.

During the conference we deepened our cooperation and made new contacts to better quality advisory service.

All of these prominent foreign personalities The Friends of Children from children’s homes “The Smile as a Gift” and the Association of Family Judges awarded the “Outstanding Bravery, Compassion and Humanitarian Commitment for the Rights of Children not to be separated from their parents” under Article 9 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Source: http://www.justice.gov.sk/Stranky/aktualitadetail.aspx?announcementID=2605&fbclid=IwAR3dtD8PqCmAaldxIW7f9V7szV2RoBhD6iM6amsn1LJHDIJHcaeMUyuVmpo

Author: Dagmar